Exhibition dates: April 26-30, 2022;
Registration deadlines: until April 24, 2022 (inclusive).

The exhibition will be held in Moscow, in the Exhibition Halls of the Moscow Union of Artists.
Exhibition address: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most street, 20.

Forms of participation: PERSONAL and INCLUDED.

Theme of the exhibition: "Easter Week".

FORMS OF PARTICIPATION There are two forms of participation:
The exhibition provides for two forms of presentation of works - originals and photocopies (full-time and absentee participation):
a) full-time participation (original works): the authors provide works designed for the exhibition.
b) absentee participation (photocopies of works): works that the author cannot provide in the original, the organizing committee prints out, arranges and places in the exposition.

These forms of participation have equal rights. All works are exhibited at the exhibition and evaluated by the jury. In-person and off-site participants send the same set of materials!

Stage 1:
Registration (until April 24, 2022 inclusive)

The author registers his works in electronic form: "REGISTER WORKS FOR THE COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION". The organizing committee confirms compliance with the nomination and sends a link to pay the registration fee. The cost of participation can be found in the "Organization fees" section. After payment, the author sends a receipt or a screenshot to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; After the organizing committee receives a copy of the payment, the declared works are included in the list of participants in the competition and exhibition (the author receives a notification from the organizing committee and labels for works with a number).

registration english

A copy or a screenshot of the payment of the entry fee can be attached to the questionnaire, which will open after clicking "Fill in the questionnaire" or sent to the organizing committee by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You can see the cost of participation in the section:
a) "Cost of participation / registration fee"
b) "How to pay the registration fee"

After the author has sent registration materials to the Organizing Committee, he receives a notification from the administrator about enrollment in the competition.
Stage 2
(for full-time participants):
Preparation of art objects for display at the exhibition
After the participation in the exhibition is confirmed by the organizing committee, the author downloads labels for each art object (download in Word, PDF format), prints them out and places them in the lower right corner. Labels can be attached both to a stretcher or canvas, and to decorative elements (frames, coasters, etc.).
Stage 3
(for face-to-face work):
Competitive works are submitted to the exhibition.
Two points for accepting works for the exhibition:
1) Moscow, Exhibition Halls of the Moscow Union of Artists: check-in and check-out for installation and dismantling of the exhibition are carried out on April 25, 2022, from 11:00 to 15:00, at the address: Moscow, Kuznetsky Most street, 20.

2) Moscow: collection of works in the organizing committee, the organizing committee transports works to Nizhny Novgorod (Moscow, Krymsky Val st., 8/2), on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00, acceptance of works: until April 23, 2022
2) Minsk: works are accepted at the address: Minsk, st. Storozhevskaya, 8 (1st entrance), workshops (preliminary call: +375 44 77 999 68, +375 17 230 51 33), deadline for accepting works in Minsk: until April 20, 2022.

Exhibited competitive works (full-time) must contain:
a) label (in the lower right corner, on the front side)
b) attachment forms, hooks, eyelets or nails necessary for suspension. Volumetric works must have supports and devices that prevent the art object from falling over
c) "Card-transfer deed" (download in Word, PDF format). This card is a documentary confirmation of the delivery of the art object to the exhibition.

Please note that all artworks shown may be available for sale.

The two-dimensional dimensions of the work cannot exceed 200 centimeters on the longest side.
For planar works, an additional coefficient has been introduced: if the canvas size is more than 100 cm on the larger side, an additional payment equal to 100% of the cost is charged.

Conditions of the competition
For our full terms and conditions, click here. Please note that selected artists for a collective exhibition are responsible for the organization and costs associated with shipping to and from the gallery and for insuring the artwork while it is in transit.